Michael Rozyne Speaks on Local Food Distribution

The subject of the most recent TEDx Manhatten was “Changing the Way We Eat.” As part of the event, Michael Rozyne speaks about one of the biggest challenges to local food movement: distribution. As the co-director at Red Tomato, he is very familiar with the issues surrounding logistics and moving from global distribution to a … Read more

Buying Club Success!

Buying clubs are sometimes just buying clubs.  Groups of friends or neighbors who order food in bulk to save some money.  But some, and more and more, are growing and using the buying club to eventually open a community store.  I’m happy to present two of our clients that have made it to that point. … Read more

Portland Food Forum 2013

Here is some info about a food council and forum event that involves BuyingClubSoftware.com’s Jeremy Bloom as an organizer and co-chairman of the Urban Agriculture Subcommittee of the Mayor’s Initiative for Healthy & Sustainable Food Systems. For more info: http://www.internet-farmer.com/2013/10/food-activism/portland-mayors-initiative-holds-followup-forum-at-merrill-auditorium-in-portland-wednesday-october-23rd/