Portland Food Forum 2013

Here is some info about a food council and forum event that involves BuyingClubSoftware.com’s Jeremy Bloom as an organizer and co-chairman of the Urban Agriculture Subcommittee of the Mayor’s Initiative for Healthy & Sustainable Food Systems. For more info: http://www.internet-farmer.com/2013/10/food-activism/portland-mayors-initiative-holds-followup-forum-at-merrill-auditorium-in-portland-wednesday-october-23rd/

Community food-buying club to start in Ballard

The software they speak of is your’s truly.  We are super psyched to work with this motivated person to create a COSTCO alternative! SEATTLE — Want to get great deals on bulk food but don’t feel like signing up for a Costco membership? A Seattle-area woman has a deal for you. She is starting a … Read more

A Second and Final Test – beta

It’s been many months since our first test.  The software hasn’t changed too much, but we have cleared up tons of bugs found in the shopping piece, and added a bunch of tools on the back-end for management and finances. We know there is still a ways to go, but we are putting our foot … Read more