Club Management & Communication

  • Member Manager
    • Add/edit/delete members
  • Communicating with Members
    • You control the text shown on the homepage for the buying club, and next to member’s shopping baskets
    • Communicate anything about ordering, or reminders about pickups.  The message is up to you

Catalog Management

  • Automatically Available Catalogs For Ordering
    • Crown of Maine
    • Frontier (future)
    • United (future)
    • Any distributor that can regularly provide us with a catalog format we can work with (future)
  • Create Your Own Catalog
    • Create products one by one or do bulk uploads using simple spreadsheets
    • You control all the category names products you create
    • Splits
      • Set any product as a split for people to share
      • Set any quantity to only be ordered if the split is full
      • Allow some split products to be ordered even if not filled
  • Other Details
    • Set your state’s sales tax if necessary
    • Set a markup or discount for shoppers


  • Easy Ordering via Website
  • All members use a username and password set by the manager to access the shopping system, and they only see orders that are currently open
  • Shopping basket shows all products and estimated totals
  • Splits
    • Easily displayed to identify both filled and unfilled orders
    • System reminders for pulling out of a split order

Order Management

  • Setup and starting an order
    • Set an opening and closing date and time
    • Choose the catalog to be offered for the order
    • View a snapshot of your totals during the order
    • Compile Order is a one-click process providing an Excel file summarizing your order for the distributor or farmer
  • Receiving a Delivery
    • Print receipts
    • Print split sheets – see what members get how much of a given product (5# of carrots to Jim from a 25# bag)
    • Make changes to original order based on what was delivered so it is not included in people’s final invoice at checkout
      • No eggs were delivered, delete the entire egg order
      • You got 5# of apples instead of 10#, make changes to individuals who ordered apples for a different split than originally intended
      • Adjust the final weights of meats and cheeses to match what each member received
  • Random Order Thoughts
    • The “other notes” feature lets coordinators keep and read notes about what has gone on with the order.
  • Checkout
    • Make final individual changes to a member’s final invoice
    • Make transaction notes
    • Records receiving any type of payment
    • PayPal/Credit Card transactions are possible, but not included in the system at this time

Reconciliation & Money Management

  • Final Order View
    • Displays order details for each member for viewing and export/archive
      • Total, sub total, check #, markup/discount, notes, etc
  • Final Delivery from Vendor
    • Displays products members actually received in order to reconcile the bill from the vendor
  • Archive & Import to other systems
    • The final order view is exportable for simple archiving and creating any type of format for importing in to your financial software
    • In the future, we hope to offer specific exports that are easily imported in to quickbooks and other major finance programs.