The following flow chart and videos will tell you most everything about how the software works.

You can also try out the software using our demo site (user: demo2, pass: demo2)

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Buying Club Software Work Flow
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BCS Concept Process Flow Map (originally Manage Order spec)

Shopping As Member

The first minute or so explains buying clubs, and then gets in to how shopping works.

Fine, shopping with splits as a club is now like most other sites you purchase on.  The following videos will cover the Administrative back-end that makes managing orders a breeze and is really what the software is about.

Part 1: Administration Overview

Part 2: Running Orders
Create Order Cycles, Upload Products, Open Orders & Shop

Part 3: Prepping an Order to send to the Vendor
Close Order, Edit Baskets, Edit Splits, Compile Order

Part 3: Prep for Delivery
Print Receipts/Invoices, Print Split Sheet,
Adjust Random Weight Items, Delete Undelivered Items

Part 4: Pickup & Finishing the Order Cycle
Checkout, Order Notes, Exports

(Coming Soon)

Large Catalogs
Are you working with catalogs over 1,000 products?
We can handle catalogs of any size and this is generally what it looks like…

If you are ready to go you may go to the Setup & Pricing page to pay for setup and begin the process. If you are hesitating please reach out to us.