We Are Open for Business-Sign Up Today

After re-starting our orders at the Portland Food Co-op in February, we have now had 6 successful order cycles with approximately 200 people and $10,000 in purchasing of local food. Through this success, we are very proud to announce that we are open for business.

That said, we welcome any and all buying clubs. How do you get started?

  1. Check out our tour, FAQ and features to get a general sense of what you need vs. what we are offering.
  2. Check our our pricing and fill out our form to receive a detailed one-on-one demonstration, which will help inform us  of what you are up to in your buying club as well as figure a time to get back to you.
  3. If the demo convinces you 100%, then we figure out how to get you setup and running.

It’s that simple!  Join us, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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