Michael Rozyne Speaks on Local Food Distribution

The subject of the most recent TEDx Manhatten was “Changing the Way We Eat.” As part of the event, Michael Rozyne speaks about one of the biggest challenges to local food movement: distribution.

As the co-director at Red Tomato, he is very familiar with the issues surrounding logistics and moving from global distribution to a smaller, more local version.

Early on, he points out that the current food system never really had sustainability, health or fairness in mind. In fact, it was entirely optimized for three things:

  1. durable products
  2. year round supply
  3. low cost

Watch the video to see how Rozyne suggests we work within these goals of the current system to develop a more local food based system.

Portland Food Co-op Continues to Grow

One of our customers, the Portland Food Co-op, recently had an open house at their new location. It was a space that was donated, rent free for five years and the group did an amazing job renovating it. With the software and more physical space to run a large food pickup with stations for picking up and checking out, food pickups in the new space are going excellent and helping the co-op grow.

The PFC was our first customer, the inspiration to build the software and they continue to push the software forward in both feature development and overall flexibility. Both Jeremy and I are member owners, so seeing the recognition the co-op is getting is absolutely awesome in many ways.

We would like to wish the P.F.C. continued success and we’re very happy to be a cog in the machine, helping move the group along.

For more information, check out the article in the Portland Press Herald.