Portland Food Forum 2013

Here is some info about a food council and forum event that involves BuyingClubSoftware.com’s Jeremy Bloom as an organizer and co-chairman of the Urban Agriculture Subcommittee of the Mayor’s Initiative for Healthy & Sustainable Food Systems.

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Community food-buying club to start in Ballard

The software they speak of is your’s truly.  We are super psyched to work with this motivated person to create a COSTCO alternative!

SEATTLE — Want to get great deals on bulk food but don’t feel like signing up for a Costco membership?

A Seattle-area woman has a deal for you. She is starting a community food-buying club in Ballard.  It’s called the Real Food Buying Club, according to the blog ‘My Ballard’.  It’s run by Kelly Schneyer, who’s run food-buying clubs in Portland for several years.

A Second and Final Test – beta

It’s been many months since our first test.  The software hasn’t changed too much, but we have cleared up tons of bugs found in the shopping piece, and added a bunch of tools on the back-end for management and finances.

We know there is still a ways to go, but we are putting our foot down after two years and beginning our journey.  It is no longer an alpha version, meaning the very first version, and it is now in ‘beta’.  And let’s keep things straight here… Google is STILL in beta.

Unless things blow up considerably, we will move ahead and continue using the software for our local food ordering with the Portland Food Co-op indefinitely.

As of this blog post, we are turning on our first client officially, and professionally.  If all goes well, we will open the doors after a few successful order cycles.

Thanks to the Portland Food Co-op for all of their contribution to this software and the process of buying clubs.  If not for these people, at this time, BuyingClubSoftware.com may have never existed.

And away we go!